We couldn't wait any longer to share the incredible experience the Method Race Wheels team had at the legendary 2023 Finke Desert Race. 

Our team rocked the event, and we wanted to bring you along on this thrilling adventure! As you may know, the Finke Desert Race is the ultimate off-road racing spectacle, pushing the limits of both man and machine. Well, Method Race Wheels was right there in the thick of it, showcasing our off-road prowess and proving why we're at the top of our game.
Of particular pride was the class win we secured among the 18 podium placements. This victory not only highlighted the exceptional performance of our wheels but reinforced our position as a trusted brand in the industry 🏆
Our talented drivers, armed with Method Race Wheels, tackled the treacherous terrain with unmatched precision and grit. They battled fierce competition, unforgiving sand dunes, and bone-rattling bumps to show the world what our wheels are made of. And boy, did they deliver! The Finke Desert Race provided the perfect playground to put Method Race Wheels through their paces.
Our wheels not only withstood the punishing conditions but also delivered unrivaled performance and reliability throughout the race. From heart-pounding jumps to hairpin turns, our wheels were there, gripping the sand and propelling our team towards victory.


The Finke Desert Race is undoubtedly one of Australia's most exhilarating off-road racing events, attracting thousands of passionate motorsports enthusiasts. This year, the anticipation surrounding the race was taken to another level with Method Race Wheels' participation in the Finke Desert Race Street Party and Scrutineering Nights. 

This unique event allowed fans to get up close and personal with their favorite drivers, witness awe-inspiring car displays, enjoy giveaways, and indulge in exclusive Finke Proven merchandise. Let's dive into the electrifying atmosphere and highlights of this unforgettable experience. 

One of the biggest highlights of the event was the presence of the exceptional drivers who grace the Finke Desert Race. Method Race Wheels arranged an exclusive driver signing session, allowing fans to meet their favorite Method racers, take photographs, and even get autographs. 

This unique opportunity fostered a deeper connection between the drivers and their dedicated supporters, creating lasting memories for all involved.


Method Race Wheels have been at the forefront of supporting and sponsoring the exhilarating Finke Prologue Day for three consecutive years. 

This annual event sets the stage for the legendary Finke Desert Race and serves as a precursor to the main race. This year, the remarkable pair of Toby Price and Jason Duncan, once again showcased their exceptional skills and dominance by winning the outright prologue title on their Method-equipped machine. 

This victory not only solidified Price's status as a racing legend but also brought him closer to completing a full set of Method wheel trophies - one more to go! The adrenaline-fueled event also witnessed an outstanding display of skill and speed as James Cook and Mitchell Aucote emerged as the fastest competitors in the UTV section, scoring them a Method cheque and #MR315 trophy.
At Method Race Wheels, we feel incredibly privileged and deeply grateful for the opportunity to support and be a part of extraordinary events like the Finke Desert Race. As a brand deeply committed to the off-road racing community, we understand the significance of partnering with prestigious races like Finke. 

It is an honor to contribute to the success and excitement of such an iconic event, and we sincerely appreciate the passionate fans and talented racers who make it all possible.


With an early 1am rise and a contagious sense of anticipation, our team embarked on an unforgettable adventure to meet our Method-sponsored athletes at the Finke end of the track. From enjoying a trackside breakfast to hosting a thrilling Method jump activation, we turned the no-service end of Finke into a hub of excitement!  

The dawn of Finke Race Day 1 marked an early wake-up call for our team. With adrenaline coursing through our veins, we embraced the 1am alarm and jumped into action. Knowing the challenges and thrills that awaited us, we eagerly gathered our gear and hit the road by 2am, ready to support our Method athletes throughout the day's racing spectacle. 

To kick-start the day's adrenaline rush, our team gathered for a trackside breakfast.  Surrounded by the vibrant atmosphere of the Finke Desert Race, we enjoyed a hearty meal while mingling with fellow racing enthusiasts. As we soaked in the morning sun, the anticipation grew, knowing that we were just moments away from witnessing incredible feats of off-road racing prowess.  

With engines revving and spirits soaring, we set off on an epic journey towards Finke. Our commitment to supporting our athletes in every way possible guided us to the heart of the action. The rugged terrain couldn't dampen our excitement as we eagerly navigated our way, eager to witness the breathtaking moments that lay ahead At the heart of the day's action, Method Race Wheels had a special treat in store for the athletes and fans – the Method Jump Activation! We quenched the athletes' thirst and kept them energised with refreshing ice-cold waters. And that's not all! Utilising our innovative Starlink technology, we provided a live stream of the heart-stopping jumps and awe-inspiring maneuvers, ensuring that no one missed a second of the action, despite having no cell connectivity.


After an exhilarating day of off-road racing at the Finke Desert Race, the Method Race Wheels team embarked on yet another early morning adventure. With our swags rolled up and hearts still racing, we bid farewell to the dusty tracks and headed back to Alice Springs.

During our journey from Finke to Alice Springs, the team made a spontaneous decision to pull over on the track and witness the cars racing past. It was a moment of pure excitement and awe as we became spectators on our own journey. 

We could practically taste the dust kicked up by the cars as they zoomed past. It was an up-close and personal experience that reminded us why we love off-road racing and why we're so passionate about supporting our Method racers.