What: We want to invite any Method Race wheel equipped 4x4 to head up to one of our favourite places in in Australia for a meet up. 
We'll hang out, grab a bite to eat and photos of your vehicles and celebrate 10 years of all you guys/gals supporting us!
Why: 10 Years of selling Method Race Wheels in Australia.
Where: Double Island Point, QLD (Rainbow Bay) - We'll SMS and email if the location changes on the day
When: Saturday the 19th of November 10am-2pm
RSVP: Let us know via the link below how many people and vehicles you intend on bringing. 
One registration = one vehicle. If we don't hear from you by November 11th, we assume you aren't joining us & will miss out on any further information on the event. 

Lunch: We are supplying lunch, however, we are catering for those who RSVP. Once the food is gone, it's gone so make sure you come prepared.
Low tide: 10:00AM - 0.65M tide 
 High tide: 4:00PM - 1.43M tide

Low tide: 11:00AM - 0.54M tide 
 High tide: 5:00PM - 1.43M tide

*Rainbow Bay tide times found from WillyWeather
If you're considering camping, we will be staying down Teewah Beach on Saturday night. 
You can book camping through this link at one of the seven zones. 
We would recommend staying between zone one and three as these are the closest to the event location. Both a camping and vehicle permit is also required to gain access to the beach.
*We are holding this meetup for a celebration of ten freakin' amazing years of the Method Race Wheels brand dominating Australia. It is being held by invitation only, however the invites are open to anyone Australia wide that is rocking a set of Method's on their vehicle. While we cannot police who attends due to being held in a public location, we will have means to identify those that have registered and subsequently been invited to attend and will work with QPS to deter any unwanted behaviour whether related to our invitees or those unwanted pests that may appear. Do the right thing by our brand, the natural location of Rainbow Beach/Bay and others that are going to be using the location on the day and leave bad behaviour at home.


We are currently getting a list of all Method Race Wheel owners and dealers before sending out further information. ONLY people who fill out this form will be considered for an invitation and we trust that the information you enter will be correct.