Support Kye as he supports us. Kye will be campaigning his brand new Tatum Pro Buggy in 2023, straight off the back of navigating 2022 champion Ryan Taylor to outright victory.

Why we support Kye Floyd

All round nice guy, balls of steel and quick to jump in and help his off road racing mates. Kye Floyd has been a big part of our own racing team's success in 2022 and we want to give you the chance to support him.

Every one of our ambassadors get the opportunity to pass on a 10% discount to their fans, friends and family. 

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The Racewheels Australia Ambassador program supports the athletes and creators in achieving their goals not ours: From financial support to prepare for and compete in events to hook ups with products, PR or photoshoots - it’s all about supporting their journey & dreams. After all an athlete needs to be focussed on performing at their peak & creators need help to be found.

Many challenges arise on this journey, developing a brand as an creator/athlete is one of the hardest to overcome. Yet this is how they must attract the attention needed to open more doors for their career. Our main focus is to help our Racewheels Australia Ambassador team to develop their personal brand and grow within and beyond their sport/niche.
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Want to become a Racewheels Australia Ambassador? We are not currently offering any new positions but hit us up with something meaningful and you might be able to sway us with your creativity.