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Why we support Harry

There are a bunch of personalities in the freestyle MX world but not many Aussie's can live up to the infectious happiness that Harry Bink lives his life by. 

Don't get us wrong, the dude can party as well as he can flip a rock solid; he just knows the discipline to takes to be at the top of his game and he'll be the first at the gym at 5am, the first at the compound to throw down one of every trick each practice and the first at the pub for a beer with his homies.

Harry is one of the few Aussie freestyle MX riders to travel the globe with the Nitro Circus tour as well as compete at X-Games.

The dude can smile, he can ride and we love that he wants to work with us to cross promote his two wheels and our four. 

Every purchase made on the Racewheels Website will help Harry out. He gets a share of each sale using his codes, which go towards funding his Freestyle MX journey.

Thanks for being an absolute legend Harry Bink ✌🏽

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Many challenges arise on this journey, developing a brand as an creator/athlete is one of the hardest to overcome. Yet this is how they must attract the attention needed to open more doors for their career. Our main focus is to help our Racewheels Australia Ambassador team to develop their personal brand and grow within and beyond their sport/niche.
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