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Why we support Chris and Miriam

This couple is what makes Aussie content creators great. Their passion for the outdoors and exploring our country was what drew us into supporting them, the global pandemic then poured petrol on the fire, sparking up a passion for 1000's of other Aussie couples, families and solo adventurers to pack up everything they own and hit the road.

Thanks Aussie Destinations Unknown for lighting that spark in a bunch of travel hungry Aussies.

Chris and Miriam have taken our wheels from coast to coast and everywhere in between. They supported our own crew out at the Finke Desert Race in 2021 with their creative content and they often post photos, reels and video on their socials about our wheels and tyres.

Why do we support them? Because they are genuine.

Every purchase made on the Racewheels Australia website using one of Aussie Destinations Unknown's codes will give back to Chris and Miriam and help them as they travel and bring you the next snippets of awesome travel content.
The Racewheels Australia Ambassador program supports the athletes and creators in achieving their goals not ours: From financial support to prepare for and compete in events to hook ups with products, PR or photoshoots - it’s all about supporting their journey & dreams. After all an athlete needs to be focussed on performing at their peak & creators need help to be found.

Many challenges arise on this journey, developing a brand as an creator/athlete is one of the hardest to overcome. Yet this is how they must attract the attention needed to open more doors for their career. Our main focus is to help our Racewheels Australia Ambassador team to develop their personal brand and grow within and beyond their sport/niche.
Follow the team and show them some love!

Want to become a Racewheels Australia Ambassador? We are not currently offering any new positions but hit us up with something meaningful and you might be able to sway us with your creativity.